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Switches and Sockets

Which type of switches do I have to use, PCB-mount or Plate-mount ones?

The only difference between the two is that PCB mount has two additional plastic legs for better alignment on a PCB. Either type is compatible with Keebio PCBs, and if given the choice, PCB mount is preferable to keep switches aligned better.

Can I use hotswap sockets?

Depends on the type of hotswap socket. Here's some info on each type:

  • Holtites: Not recommended, they suck, use them if you want to have a bad time
  • Mill-Max: We use the 3305, 7305, and 0305 Mill-Max sockets for our hotswap boards, and they work well.
    • Also check the Mill-Max Switch Compatibility Chart for the switches you'd like to use
    • Note: The chart above shows that Kailh Box Jades are difficult to use with the sockets, but we've found that they work just fine with them
  • Outemu sockets: Yes, but they only fit Outemu switches or Pandas
  • Kailh hotswap sockets: No, PCBs have to specifically be designed for them, and typically, if it was designed to use Kailh hotswap sockets, they will already be pre-installed. See the image below that shows the parts that can't fit onto the PCB.