Lighting Options

For keyboards, there are various lighting options available, and the different types of lighting can be difficult to understand. Hopefully, this will clear it up for you.

There are a few different factors for lighting:

  • Lighting direction/location
  • Single-color vs. RGB
  • Group control vs. Individual control

Lighting location/direction#

First, you can have light pointing in various directions. Here are the different options for that:

  • In-Switch - An LED is placed inside or through the switch housing and faces upward
  • Indicator light -

Single-Color vs. RGB#

An LED can be a single-color that can't be changed or an RGB LED that can change to a specific color that can be controlled.

Single-Color LEDs#

These are 2-pin LEDs will one leg that's

Control options#

  • Group controlled
  • Individually controlled