Troubleshooting Guide

Still in progress...

  • Pro Micro lights up but no presses register
    • Inverted Pro Micro
    • Inverted diodes
    • Check with default hex
  • My right side is inverted if I plug it in by itself
    • That's normal, see explanation in the FAQ
  • Doesn't work if I insert the Pro Micro and have it touch the pins but haven't soldered yet
  • Left side works, right side doesn't
    • Check cable type, it should have 4 metal rings on it (for Tip, Ring, Ring, Sleeve)
    • If you're using real Pro Micros from Sparkfun, the J1 jumpers on each one need to be desoldered.
    • Does Pro Micro on right side light up?
      • No? Multimeter continuity and VCC checks
    • If I2C, check jumper
  • Dead column
    • Try jumping directly on Pro Micro, if works, solder jumper wire to column
  • Check USB cable in case it's power only
  • Pro Micro testing, short row and column pins together to see if keypresses register

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