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Iris Rev. 3 Build Guide

Build guide compatibility

This build guide is exclusively for Rev. 3 of the Iris, which features pre-soldered components. For Rev. 2 PCBs, see Iris Rev. 2 Build Guide

NOTE: Guide is still a work in progress and is currently missing pictures.

Parts List

Here's a list of parts needed for the build:

Build Steps

Here's a summary of the build steps:

  1. Add switches to switch plate
  2. Add 2u stabilizers to PCB (optional)
  3. Solder rotary encoder (optional)
  4. Solder switches
  5. Solder in-switch LEDs (optional)
  6. Assemble case
    1. Insert standoffs into middle layer (optional)
    2. Screw standoffs into switch plate
    3. Attach bottom plate using screws
  7. Re-program board (optional)
    1. VIA Configurator or
    2. QMK Configurator or
    3. QMK