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3D-Printed Case Parts Installation

Various keyboards like the Quefrency, Sinc, and KBO-5000 now have an enclosed 3D-printable case to go along with the FR4 plates to give the build a more complete look.

You can add the 3D-printed case parts at anytime, so if you want to do a build with just the switch/bottom plates to start, that's okay, as you will only need to unscrew screws and standoffs before adding the printed parts.

Here's some info on how to install the case parts.

Parts List

  • 3D-printed top shells and middle layers
  • FR4 plates
    • Switches need to already be installed into the switch plate and soldered to the PCB
  • M2 screws
    • The length will vary depending on the keyboard/case, but typically you'll need 16mm or 18mm M2 screws
    • See the repository for the keyboard case files to find out which length you need

Video Tutorial



  1. Print case parts
  2. Test threading screws into top shell
  3. Place top shell over switch plate
  4. Place middle layer around ports
  5. Put bottom plate on
  6. Screw everything together

For printing off the case parts, you can use a layer height of about 0.2mm, sometimes 0.3mm will work fine. Infill of 10-20% will be okay.

You may want to turn top layer ironing off, as this may cause heat creep that will make the extruder jam, preventing the lip around the plates from printing properly.

Test threading screws into top shell

After printing off the top shell, make sure you can screw into the holes in the top shell. You may need to drill holes a bit wider to allow the screw to thread into the holes.

Place top shell over switch plate

Now go ahead and align the switch plate into the top shell. The switch plate should fit into the top shell without any issues.

Place middle layer around ports

Place the middle layer over the back of the switch plate, and make sure the ports fit into the port holes of the middle layer.

Put bottom plate on

Place the bottom plate into the slot in the middle layer. It should fit similarly to how the switch plate fits into the top shell.

Screw everything together

Insert the screws through the bottom plate, all the way to the top shell. Then tighten the screw into the top shell.